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March 26 - April 8
        USDA Choice Top Sirloin Steak $ 6.99 lb
        USDA Choice Strip Steak $ 11.99 lb
        USDA Choice Beef Cube Steak $ 6.99 lb
        USDA Choice Beef Shish Kabob $ 8.99 lb
        USDA Choice Ground Pork $ 4.99 lb
        USDA Choice Pork City Chicken $ 5.99 lb
        "Be Inspired" Boneless Pork Chops $ 4.29 lb
        "Be Inspired" Boneless Pork Roast $ 3.99 lb
        "Be Inspired" Butterfly Pork Chops $ 4.29 lb
        Ohio Raised Chicken Whole $ 2.39 lb
        Ohio Raised Chicken Split $ 2.39 lb
        Ohio Raised Chicken Cut Up $ 2.39 lb
Fresh Cucumbers 2 / $3.00.

Large Navel Oranges

$.99 ea.
Fresh Asparagus $2.99 lb.
Red Raspberries $3.99 6 oz.
Grape Cherry Tomatoes $2.49
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Deliveries between 11 am and 2 pm

Broccoli Salad
Beef Stroganoff
Cucumber Salad
Chicken Salad


Don't forget!! HUFFMAN'S IN A HURRY allows you to conveniently place an order and have your grocery items delivered to your home! OR - you can order ahead and we'll have your groceries packed and ready to pick up at Huffman's on your way to wherever you're going!

Just phone in your order by 10:00 am on the day you wish to receive your groceries. You may call your order in the night before if it is easier for you. You will be called back with your total and your grocery order will arrive in the afternoon of the same day.

OR - Send us an email with the following information: Your name, address, phone number, the time you wish to have the groceries delivered (or the time you wish to pick them up at the store) and your preferred method of payment.

Tim Huffman with new owner of Huffman's market, Raj Patel

From UA This Week, August 14, 2018 (Nate Ellis)

The new owner of Upper Arlington’s Huffman’s Market said he hopes to maintain the store that local shoppers have loyally supported, including retaining its staff.

On July 30, Tim Huffman sold the grocery store he’s owned at 2140 Tremont Center since 1987 to Raj Patel, a Chicago businessman.

As Huffman, an Upper Arlington icon of sorts, steps away, the new owner said he knows he has big shoes to fill.

But over the past two weeks, he’s spent his time at the store familiarizing himself with employees, customers and his predecessor’s ways of doing business.

Patel said he plans to maintain the status quo at Huffman’s, including retaining the store’s name and giving all of the approximately 31 existing employees the chance to continuing working there.

Read the entire August 14 article "New Huffman's Market Owner Promises No Changes"

Read the August 8 article "Community at Core of Huffman's Store"
Read the August 8 article "Huffman's Market Sold, Will Remain in Business"
Huffman's Market carries delicious, fine quality products from several local providers. Please stop in and try some of these treats:
Crimson Cup Coffee - Columbus OH w
Johnson's Ice Cream - Bexley OH
Hartzler Dairy - Ohio
Bob Evans - Rio Grande OH
Gerber's Amish Chicken - Kidron OH
Der Dutchman Baked Goods - Plain City OH
Graeter's Ice Cream - Columbus OH
Jeni's Ice Cream - Columbus OH
Smith's Dairy - Orrville OH
Tony Packos Pickles - Toledo OH
Velvet Ice Cream - Utica OH

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Did you know that we have plenty of ideas for healthy, nutritious family meals right here at Huffman's Market, and that we have recipe cards back at the meat counter to help you with your mealtime planning! Need a new way to prepare salmon? Look on the recipe card rack! How about a new twist for that pot roast? Ask James or anyone at Huffman's where to get recipe ideas!

Huffman's Market is conveniently located in the heart of Upper Arlington, between Tremont and Redding Roads, just north of Northam Road. Click the map to enlarge it.
Come see the working Model Train as you come in the front door. Just look UP!
   Please stop in, look up, and see the Huffman's Train, running seven days week!
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