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Huffman's Market no longer acts as a State Liqor Agency for the State of Ohio; however, we continue to offer our customers a wide - and significantly expanding - selection of beer, wine, and mixers of all kinds.

Please read the following articles that trace the history of Huffman's Market regarding the State Liquor Agency, beginning in 2004, when Huffman's became the first store in Ohio to sell liquor on Sunday.

  September 11, 2015: Read the Columbus Underground article "Huffman's Market Adapots to Change After Liquor License Transfer."
  September 9, 2015: Read the Dispatch and Blade article "Kroger Pays Out for Liquor Contracts."
July 31, 2015: Read the Dispatch article "With Creative Contract, Huffman's Market Transfers Liquor License to Kroger."
September 19, 2014: Read the Dispatch article "UA Giant Eagle to get Liquor License Over Objections of Huffman's Market."
May 14, 2014: Read the UA This Week article about UA City Council rejecting Giant Eagle's liquor license bid: May 14, 2014
August 28, 2014: Read the Dispatch article "Could Giant Eagle Liquor Permit Put Huffman's Market Out of Business?"
April 19, 2004: Read the Dispatch article "Arlington Market First to Pop Cork on Sunday Liquor Sales."
April 9, 2004: Read the UA This Week article "Store May Be First in Ohio to Sell Liquor on Sundays."
Come see the working Model Train as you come in the front door. Just look UP!
   Please stop in, look up, and see the Huffman's Train, running seven days week!
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