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All our dinners and soups are made fresh daily by our talented staff!
Our Hot Wonderoast Chicken is The Best in Town!!
Don't forget!! Huffman's offer you the convenience of call-ahead or email-ahead ordering so that you can stop by and pick up your order on your way to wherever you're going. See details.
Thursday July 20 Smokey Poblano Cheese
Friday July 21 Beef Chili
Saturday July 22 Chicken Noodle
Sunday July 23 Butternut Squash
Monday July 24 Lobster Bisque
Tuesday July 25 Tomato Bisque
Wednesday July 26 Broccoli & Cheese
Thursday July 27 Italian Wedding
Friday July 28 Beef Chili
Saturday July 29 Chicken Noodle
Sunday July 30 Butternut Squash
Monday July 31 Lobster Bisque
Tuesday August 1 Vegetable Beef
Wednesday August 2 Greek Lemon Chicken Soup
Please stop in, look up, and see the Huffman's Train, running seven days week!
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